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The newest Hoshidan armed forces try in the course of time outdone from the Corrin as well as their siblings, and tend to be afterwards compelled to make haven

The newest Hoshidan armed forces try in the course of time outdone from the Corrin as well as their siblings, and tend to be afterwards compelled to make haven

Then he tells them from his want to subscribe them immediately after he could be through with acting as a great bodyguard having Garon into the Cyrkensia

Leo doesn’t are available once more before the series adopting the Garon’s beat regarding the Endgame, where the guy and you will Camilla attend Ryoma’s coronation once the queen away from Hoshido on his invitation. During the a brief discussion he offers that have Corrin after the ceremony, Leo expresses their disbelief within emotional outbursts demonstrated because of the Hinoka and you may Sakura. To the viewing Corrin expressing joy during the their and Camilla’s exposure, Leo kits Nohr since the Hoshido’s most recent friend, proclaiming that it might be unbecoming away from your to overlook Ryoma’s coronation as a result. He then officially declares he tend to suppose the latest throne from Nohr, with Camilla discussing you to she’s got selected to relinquish the lady birthright because of her trust one to this lady brother could make a far greater leader than the woman.


If the Corrin decides to front side that have Nohr, Leo, as a result on them begging Xander to help you sanctuary, curtly disagrees, saying that this often induce new Hoshidans to believe you to the fresh Nohrians worry him or her and that Corrin has been coerced towards the joining Nohr. Then cravings Corrin to stand its crushed and you will confirm you to the option to subscribe Nohr is very of one’s own volition. Once the finish for the conflict, Leo is actually summoned so you’re able to embark on a purpose independent regarding Corrin.

Pursuing the battle, Leo and his awesome siblings head to the throne space out-of Palace Krakenburg inside the A bankruptcy proceeding, where Garon praises Xander having their race exploits. A quick commentary anywhere between Garon and also the Nohrian siblings observes him ordering Xander to help you destroy https://datingranking.net/tr/transgenderdate-inceleme/ Corrin when they concern your on burst out of Ganglari. Garon just reconsiders when Corrin offers to destroy themselves of the the individual hand before performing an effective seance that have an enthusiastic effigy from Anankos with the roof. Then helps make the choice so that Corrin to return to help you Nohr, but merely towards updates that they suppresses an excellent rebellion from inside the the new Freeze Tribe. Xander, relieved at the these brand new tidings, quickly proposes to aid Corrin together with his most readily useful troops, simply for Garon to order Corrin to do the job alone. After the remainder of the Nohrian sisters vacate the fresh throne area, Xander stays in front of the finalized doorways, where the guy overhears Garon monologuing their destructive intent in order to topic Corrin to true depression. It prompts Xander to send Elise, the woman retainers and you may Corrin’s young people buddy, Silas, to reinforce Corrin.

Leo, alarmed getting Corrin’s well-being to their trip so you’re able to quell the latest Freeze Tribe rebellion, directs Niles and you may Odin to help. Shortly after assisting him or her to their task, Leo orders Niles and Odin to carry on to assist Corrin that have its cause up to he can signup her or him after he stops their very own tasks having King Garon.

Leo later on appears inside Chapter 14, where he unexpected situations Corrin in Cyrkensia by the stressing the requirement to remain remaining aware while they’re in the course of revealing brand new neutrality of the Empire regarding Nestra. Leo is actually greeted of the his retainers just after that it, whoever too much sentimentalism proves to be also awkward to possess him, prompting your when deciding to take his get-off and see new Opera Family. Whenever Corrin later on produces their means to fix the brand new Opera Domestic, Leo guides them to where Garon is located ahead of appearing a good seat to allow them to suppose until the start of a tune performance. Unbeknownst so you’re able to Leo and you will Corrin, the fresh new overall performance was staged of the Azura, who sings a beneficial charmed song made to curse the fresh monster masquerading once the Garon. Following avoid of your own show, Leo attempts to go after the newest “mysterious” songstress but goes wrong just like the she manages to slip concealed. Once which, a team of Hoshidan assassins provided of the Kumagera arrive for the scene, compelling Leo so you can instantly accuse him or her of weakening Garon from songstress. A fight ensues on Opera House after that, one that sooner comes to an end with the beat of one’s Hoshidan assassins.

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