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Cash Central is a direct payday loan lender that can give short-term personal loans

Cash Central is a direct payday loan lender that can give short-term personal loans

Cash Central Ratings

Cash Central is registered and legally licensed in the states where it operates, meaning customers are guaranteed to have security when they use Cash Central as their payday loan lender. Cash Central payday loans can advance customers up to $700 to get them to their next paycheck. When customers fill out an online form they can be sure that their application will be reviewed quickly. Once customers become a Cash Central member they can log in and request a payday loan whenever they like. This will save customers valuable time and let them relax knowing that that they can have a resource for cash if they need it. In the state of California the cost to receive a short term loan from Cash Central $/$100 borrowed for a 14 day period, which amounts to % APR.

Cash Central understands that customers can sometimes be in need of quick cash. Cash Central also understands that customers do not have the time for a long application process or to worry if the cash advance website is one that is safe and secure. This is the reason that Cash Central is guarded by Thawte and many other internal safeguards. Customers’ personal and financial information is secure when using Cash Central. Customers can finish an application securely over the Internet, never having to worry about their personal or financial information being stolen.

Customers only need to fill out a Cash Central application once, and it is easy and quick to complete. After a swift verification that the application information is complete customers should be approved for the initial loan. Any time after that, customers may log in and request additional loans whenever they want and from wherever they are.

Cash Central

When applying for a quick payday loan Cash Central recommends that customers pay close attention to three primary guidelines. These guidelines will make sure that the application customers fill out is quickly processed.

First, be sure to fill out the application accurately. On the application customers must accurately fill out information such as their telephone number, e-mail address, and their bank account numbers or social security number.

Second, even though customers do not have to fax anything to receive a payday loan from Cash Central, if customers do fax a voided check and recent pay stub it can speed up the process of validating their personal information. Customers may think that this process is inconvenient, but customers only have to do it one time.

Third, once their payday loan has been approved they should be sure to remember to log in and request their funds. Cash Central prides itself on having first-rate 24-hour customer service, quick application approval, and great rates for quick cash loans. For quick payday loans without the need to use faxes, Cash Central is the best company to use and a leader in the field of payday loans.

Cash Central is a member of the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA). CFSA is an organization that protects payday advance consumers by promoting both legislation and regulation. Members of CFSA must strictly adhere to a mandatory set of Industry Best Practices to be sure that transactions pertaining to cash advances are performed in a safe and responsible way.

Cash Central does not offer payday loans in the states of Nevada, Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Texas. Disclaimer: Information pertaining to fee and account may not reflect the current fee and various APY details of a certain lender of payday loans. The amount of money that is loaned, the outstanding days of the loan, and the State that payday loans Ohio the borrower resides in can have an effect on the rates. Customers should make sure that they check the details when they speak with a particular payday loan lender.

Cash Central is a short-term facilitator of loans with over 25 years of payday lending experience. The staff at Cash Central pioneered payday lending over the Internet and has the experience to serve the financial needs of its customers. Cash Central continues to be a leader for online payday lending, leading the industry with a philosophy of innovation, honesty, and customer-first lending.

Cash Central is legally state licensed and registered. Cash Central takes a different approach in serving its customers’ lending needs, meaning customers can expect their transactions to be handled in a fair manner and in a safe, secure and private way.

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